LeBron James, After Failed Attempt to Trademark 'Taco Tuesday,' Joins Forces with Taco Bell Liberating the Phrase

LeBron James, After Failed Attempt to Trademark 'Taco Tuesday,' Joins Forces with Taco Bell Liberating the Phrase

News by Joanna Nodado
Published: May 23, 2023

Lakers' LeBron James has teamed up with Taco Bell to embark on a daring mission: liberating the trademark of the beloved phrase "Taco Tuesday."

James' involvement is no surprise to NBA fans who have witnessed his unwavering affection for tacos. 

Four years ago, the NBA star had previously attempted to trademark "Taco Tuesday" after sharing his family's taco nights on social media. His request, however, was denied by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The "Free Taco Tuesday" initiative aims to free the term from its registered status, allowing small businesses, independent restaurants, food trucks, and taco enthusiasts worldwide to embrace the phrase without legal constraints.

The fast-food giant officially launched its legal campaign on May 16, 2023, by filing petitions to cancel the federal trademark registrations for "Taco Tuesday" via the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Source: Taco Bell's Press Release

LeBron James, a basketball global icon and longtime "Taco Tuesday" enthusiast, has lent his voice to the cause, expressing his wholehearted support for Taco Bell's endeavor to democratize the beloved expression.

As part of his support to raise awareness, James stars in an advertisement titled "Taco Bleep," a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the absurdity of "Taco Tuesday" is trademarked. The ad seeks to encourage taco lovers worldwide to join forces in supporting the liberation movement.

"Taco Tuesday is a tradition that everyone should be able to celebrate. All restaurants, all families, all businesses – everybody," James emphasized. "Taco Tuesdays create opportunities that bring people together in so many ways, and it's a celebration that nobody should own."

In a press release, Taco Bell's Chief Marketing Officer Taylor Montgomery spoke passionately about the company's motivation behind the liberation movement. "Our passion for liberating 'Taco Tuesday' is fueled by the community of taco enthusiasts that turned two simple words into a cultural phenomenon."

"To see the support and excitement in response to our efforts to free 'Taco Tuesday' for everyone is not something we take lightly. And, much like Taco Tuesday itself, it's better when shared," Montgomery further explained.

Taco Bell hopes that the phrase "Taco Tuesday" will soon be free for all to enjoy, unburdened by legal restrictions.

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