Las Vegas Sphere Made $75M With Concerts and Movies

Las Vegas Sphere Made $75M With Concerts and Movies

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 07, 2023

Las Vegas' newest attraction this year, The Sphere, is making big money in just over two months of operations — and it's not from the ads.

Owned by James Dolan of Madison Square Garden, the company reportedly earned over $75 million from two main attractions:

U2's 17 performances brought in $30.7 million, averaging $1.8 million per show. Aronofsky's film, screened 111 times, earned $44.5 million, averaging $400,000 per showing.

Shared in a Tuesday filing, the company said it expects to become profitable in the last quarter of 2023. These developments come after the company reported a loss of over $98.4 million in November.

At the time, it noted gaining around $6.7 million from event revenue, sponsorships and advertising, however failing to break even due to high operating costs amounting to about $7.8 million.

More Than An Ad Space

Beyond concerts, The Sphere hosted the Las Vegas Grand Prix and runs ads for NFL Sunday Ticket, PlayStation, Meta, Xbox and Coca-Cola on its iconic "exosphere" LED-powered globe.

U2 kicked off The Sphere on September 29, drawing attention on social media platforms for its mesmerizing visuals. Costing $2.3 billion, the venue boasts the world's largest LED displays, 160,000 speakers and high-tech features for an immersive experience.

While concerts are central, The Sphere plans original programming on non-concert days, like Aronofsky's "Postcards," an immersive documentary boasting a 4D experience.

To support its plans, The Sphere announced the sale of $225 million in private debt to an institutional buyer, underlining its rapid success in the Las Vegas entertainment scene.

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