LAFOURMI and Puma Promote Fearlessness Ahead of Qatar World Cup

LAFOURMI and Puma Promote Fearlessness Ahead of Qatar World Cup
Published: October 18, 2022

LAFOURMI and Puma gear up for the Qatar World Cup and declare an open advertising season with the “Fearless” promotion.

As the first advertising agency and brand pair to launch an ad for the world cup, set to open on November 20, LAFOURMI and Puma had much to prove, and prove they did.

The “Fearless” campaign follows a group of youngsters as they go about their usual business, reminiscing about their favorite soccer moments and players.

The 3-minute video sees each of them telling a story, then showing the player in question performing a soccer “miracle.”

The youngsters themselves act with courage and determination and meet life and its many challenges head-on, embodying a fearless attitude.

The passion with which the young stars of the ad talk about the soccer field is absolutely contagious.

Certainly, “Fearless” by LAFOURMI has some of the best casting choices for the Parisian agency, in partnership with Hamlet production company and the filmmaker Julien Quentin.

Besides Neymar Jr, whose appearance was to be expected given the fact that this is a Puma ad, some other soccer stars include Antoine Griezmann, Kingsley Coman and Memphis Depay.

A couple of female soccer players make an appearance as well, namely Sara Björk and Fridolina Rolfö. Nikita Parris, Antony Gakpo and Christian Pulisic all show up in a glorious fashion to encourage fearlessness, and promote soccer.

However, soccer isn’t the only thing Puma and the players are promoting.

Neymar, Coman, Rolfö, Björk, Pulisic, and Depay will all be playing in the latest “Fearless” sneakers. The color and sleek silhouette of the newest sneakers, part of the “Fearless” pack, reinforce Puma’s message of trust in oneself, being courageous (and outrageous), as that is how great things are achieved.

According to Puma, “Fearless” is “a powerful statement, that doesn’t take itself too seriously, in line with the brand’s values.”

“Beyond soccer, this new mantra ‘Fearless’ is a brand motto and will accompany the launch of a complete product campaign for the arrival of the World Cup with the launch of new pairs of Future and Ultra, sporting new colors, visible throughout the film.”

Such an uplifting brand motto is a fine addition to Puma’s messaging. First “Forever Faster,” now “Forever Fearless.”

While millions of soccer fans are waiting for the Qatar World Cup to begin, it’s important to note that the event hasn’t been without controversies.

From terrible conditions at the Qatar World Cup stadium to sponsors boycotting the event, soccer has fallen into the background for some. Despite that, interest in Qatar World Cup tickets has never been higher, so it seems like soccer will prevail after all.

Let’s hope that everyone struggling in the world right now hears Puma’s “Fearless” call and stands up.

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