Kraft Heinz Asks for a Tip From Restaurant-Goers

Kraft Heinz Asks for a Tip From Restaurant-Goers

Published: November 17, 2022

Kraft Heinz released a new “Tip for Heinz” program to get restaurants to carry the brand’s famous ketchup. To that end, the company has decided to enlist diners to help them “convert” restaurants that carry other ketchup products.

Following company research that polled 1,372 people, Kraft Heinz decided to make a move on the restaurant industry. The results of the poll were the deciding factor in Heinz launching the brand campaign at this moment, as it revealed that a whopping 77% of U.S. consumers prefer Heinz Ketchup when dining out.

The majority of the people polled stated they feel disappointed when the restaurant they’re sitting in doesn’t carry Heinz.

The issue is that 44% of the people who participated in the poll stated that they feel like they have no say over which ketchup a restaurant will decide to carry. That’s why Kraft Heinz decided to give them the tools they need to try and convince the restaurants to make the switch.

Starting November 30, customers at restaurants will be able to leave a $1 “Tip for Heinz” on the receipt and share the proof online. To participate in the program, diners need to submit their receipt through a landing page or by sharing it on Twitter or Instagram with #TipforHeinz and #sweepstakes hashtags.

The program will run until December 21, and during this period, participants who submit their receipts will have a chance of receiving up to $20 for a gratuity reimbursement, while some will have their entire bill paid in full.

(Source: The Kraft Heinz Company)

Kraft Heinz is putting down $125,000 for the “Tip for Heinz” program in an attempt to get more restaurants to carry its ketchup.

As for the restaurants that do cave into Kraft Heinz’s clever marketing ploy, the first ten of them that switch to Heinz will win a year-long supply of the brand’s renowned ketchup.

The latest marketing campaign follows equally creative and memorable Kraft Heinz promotions. For this year’s Halloween, the brand resurrected its Tomato Blood ketchup and had TikTok personality E.J. Marcus play the role of a vegetarian vampire. “Mayo Rituals,” a campaign that celebrated unorthodox applications of mayo also comes to mind.

Kraft Heinz will promote the “Tip for Heinz” program through out-of-home advertising in Times Square and on billboards in Chicago, alongside social media marketing on TikTok and Instagram.

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