Twitter Rival Koo To Introduce New ChatGPT Feature

Twitter Rival Koo To Introduce New ChatGPT Feature

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 14, 2023

Koo, the India-based social media platform looking to rival Elon Musk’s Twitter, is introducing a new ChatGPT feature that helps users write posts. 

With the feature, users will be able to leverage AI to draft their Koos, find the top news of the day, ask for a quote from a well-known personality and even have their post written on a particular subject as a draft 

“Creators will be able to type their prompts to ChatGPT within the app or use Koo’s voice command feature to give their voice prompt without typing,” the company said. 

According to Koo’s press release, the “global first” feature will be available to verified accounts before it will be available to the public. 

Koo co-founder Mayank Bidawatka explained that through the ChatGPT integration, creators can access intelligent help at their fingertips. “We are the first microblogging platform in the world to integrate this tool as a part of our creation flow and hope to get surprised by the various ways creators use this intelligent tool,” he added.  

Koo launched in 2020 and rose to become “the second largest multi-lingual microblogging platformavailable to the world” with more than 50 million downloads across 100 countries and at least 7,500 well-known users. 

The app prides itself on having free self-verification, a talk-to-type feature for writing and posting Koos and a multilingual feature that allows users to post in different languages simultaneously. 


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