Knorr Struts Into the Fashion World With 'Bouillon Bag' Campaign

Knorr Struts Into the Fashion World With 'Bouillon Bag' Campaign

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: December 19, 2023

In a surprising blend of haute couture and culinary charm, Knorr, a brand celebrated for its flavor-packed bouillon cubes, has cheekily entered the fashion arena.

The brand's latest venture, the 'Mini Bouillon Bag', encapsulates the whimsy of the teeny-tiny handbag trend, a craze adored by celebrities like Cardi B and Gigi Hadid.

"The idea came from an observation about the mystifying size of tiny bags and what goes in them," explains Carlos Rodriguez, global creative director at MullenLowe UK.

"We saw an opportunity for Knorr to celebrate the holidays surprisingly by poking fun at this fashion trend and giving their iconic bouillon cubes the love they deserve."

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This tongue-in-cheek accessory, aptly named the "Bouillon Bag," redefines the concept of essential items in a woman's handbag.

Designed to hold precisely one Knorr Bouillon Cube, the bag is a testament to minimalism, yet with a functional twist.

Its bright green texture with golden accents not only mimics the vibrancy of Knorr's packaging but also adds a dash of stylish flair to any outfit.

The bag's design, including its unique contour flap, echoes the flag in Knorr’s logo, complete with a delicate monogram "K" in golden hardware.

"Imagine the convenience of having your go-to flavor enhancer at your fingertips, nestled snugly in a fashionable green purse," the campaign teases.

Fans eager to snag one of these limited-edition bags are invited to participate in a social media contest. By following Knorr on Instagram, liking their campaign post, and sharing a favorite holiday recipe, participants stand a chance to win one of these novel accessories.

This campaign, while whimsical, underscores an important lesson for brands - Sometimes, the best way to capture the public's attention is to not take oneself too seriously.

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