KFC Canada Launches Campaign Mocking McDonald's New Chicken Big Mac

KFC Canada Launches Campaign Mocking McDonald's New Chicken Big Mac

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 10, 2023

KFC Canada makes fun of McDonald’s new sandwich in a social media marketing campaign targeted against its competitor. 

Earlier this week, McDonald’s launched the Chicken Big Mac - a rehash of its iconic Big Mac, but instead of a beef patty uses crispy chicken breasts topped with Big Mac sauce, lettuce, cheese, and pickles. 

KFC was quick to ridicule its rival’s new offering, quote-tweeting McDonald’s product announcement with its own version of the sandwich. “There, we fixed it 😉,“ it captioned. 

The fast-food chain responded to KFC, saying that nothing needed to be fixed. 

Finally, KFC rebuts by challenging its rival to a taste test. 

Apart from the brief Twitter exchange, KFC food trucks have also been spotted outside several McDonald’s branches across Toronto, displaying the “Fixed It” image from its quote tweet. 

Though the double chicken sandwich KFC has been posting is not a real product, the chicken company’s latest campaign has encouraged customers to see for themselves which fast-food chain reigns supreme. 

KFC Canada Director of Marketing Azim Akhtar said they saw the McDonald’s announcement as a “timely opportunity to tap into a cultural moment such as this.”  

“It was a chance for the brand to have some playful banter and engage with our consumers in a fun way,” he added. 

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