KFC Announces Return of Chizza with TVC Starring Colonel Sanders

KFC Announces Return of Chizza with TVC Starring Colonel Sanders

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 17, 2023

KFC Chizza is making a comeback.  

KFC India officially announced the return of the chicken-pizza hybrid through a 20-second videocommercial posted on their YouTube channel, starring the KFC founder Colonel Sanders himself.  

The Ogilvy-produced ad opens like a trailer to an action blockbuster, with a montage of kitchen close-ups and flashing text written in bold. “THIS JANUARY... GET READY... FOR SIZZLING ACTION... CHEESY ROMANCE” it shows. 

Viewers then get a good look at the Chizza’s ingredients coming together. As upbeat music intensifies, Colonel Sanders shows himself dancing in the kitchen and preparing the beloved dish. A row of awards then flashed on-screen to build up on the hype: “The Biggest Blockbuster of the Year,” “Winner | People’s Choice 2023,” among others.  

Finally, the commercial reaches its climax as the Chizza is revealed in all its cheesy, meaty glory. The “CHIZZA: ALL CHICKEN. NO CRUST.” title card is shown on the screen before the customer takes a bite with a satisfying crunch to close off the TVC.  

The KFC Chizza is available from January 10 onwards in all 600+ branches of KFC India. 

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