Kevin Bacon and His Daughter Star in Hyundai’s Newest EV Commercials

Kevin Bacon and His Daughter Star in Hyundai’s Newest EV Commercials

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 30, 2023

Kevin Bacon and his daughter Sosie Bacon star in a hilarious new series of commercials for Hyundai. The “Your Dad Is Going Electric” advertising campaign highlights Hyundai’s newest electric vehicle model IONIQ 6 and all its notable features, and hopes to get people into EVs, regardless of their age.  

The first commercial starts with the Hollow Man star driving the IONIQ 6 into the home parking, while his daughter Sosie comes out of the front door to greet him. 

“There it is, my dad went EV,” she says after waving at her father.  

“It’s electric, don’t be shocked” her father replied.  

Sosie then pokes fun at her father’s run with technology. “The guy who is eternally locked out of his email, goes EV.”  

The father and daughter then enter the car and go for a drive, before running down the sleek features of the new IONIQ 6.  

“Up to 80 percent charge in 18 minutes. Range? Heck, we could go to Mexico,” the actor said, showcasing the charging speeds of the EV with its 350-kW 800V DC ultra-fast charger. “Are you Kevin Bacon?” the man by the EVIP parking replied. 

When the father-daughter pair enter the car again, Bacon toggles with the interior lights using a touch screen color wheel to showcase the range of colors you can set as ambient lights. “I could also make it play nature sounds if you want,” he tells his daughter. 

A montage of driving sequences is then shown on screen to introduce the electric vehicle and mention its 360-mile range. 

The commercial ends on a comedic note with Bacon telling the viewers that back in his day, subscribing took a lot more effort, but now users can do it by clicking the hyperlink flashed on the video. 

The second commercial is similar to the first, but with new comedic quips from the father and daughter as they discuss how EVs are for every generation. “And if my dad’s on board, yours could be next,” Sosie tells the viewers.  

It ends once again with the tagline “When it comes to EVs, we’re thinking of every mile.”  

The Bacons took to Instagram to promote their new commercials. “I’ve been preparing for this role my entire life,” Sosie jokes in her caption. 

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CMO of Hyundai Motor America shares that with IONIQ 6, Hyundai is making the EV lifestyle “more accessible and convenient than ever before.”  

“If you are someone on the fence of going electric, we hope this campaign starring Kevin and Sosie Bacon will show how early adopters, at any stage in their life, can easily make the switch,” she adds. 


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