Kawasaki's Comedic Super Bowl Ad Is Full of Mullets

Kawasaki's Comedic Super Bowl Ad Is Full of Mullets

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 25, 2024

Sports vehicle company Kawasaki just unveiled its new full-length Super Bowl spot that may as well be a hair product promotion.

Titled "Mullets," the 45-second commercial shows the power of Kawasaki Ridge – so much so that it can give anyone a mullet. 

As the engine springs to life, a dash of magic transforms two guys into mullet-clad thrill-seekers, sharing a spirited fist bump before setting off.

In between scenic travel sequences, the duo playfully sways their heads in slow motion, proudly displaying their flowing manes.

While navigating through the woods, all the animals they encounter – eagles, turtles, and even an irked bear – suddenly grow mullets.

The ad leaves its best surprise for last, as WWE legend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin makes a cameo appearance, effortlessly splitting a rock with a sledgehammer.

As the Kawasaki Ridge passes, the bald wrestler immediately finds himself and his short-haired dog sporting mullet-styled full heads of hair.

"Thanks, fellas!" Austin shouts, but his pooch is not so grateful.

"Business in the front, party in the back," the narrator concludes, giving a nod to the hair-raising magic of the Kawasaki Ridge. 

Source: Kawasaki

Bob O'Brien, Kawasaki USA's director of marketing, explains the concept behind the comedic Super Bowl ad.

"The Kawasaki Ridge combines industry-leading performance and a premium automotive-inspired interior; it’s a mix of work and play. The mullet is a perfect metaphor – business in the front, party in the back," he shared.

Kawasaki's Super Bowl debut comes as the company seeks to expand its audience and tap into a multicultural market. 

“When it comes to mass awareness, there’s no better stage to play on than the Super Bowl. Advertising in the Super Bowl allows Kawasaki to enter millions of homes and creates instant awareness for the brand and this exciting new product,” a spokesperson shared.

The all-new Kawasaki Ridge had a global reveal one day ahead of the "Mullets" commercial release.

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