H&M Confirms It Has Rights To Justin Bieber Merchandise

H&M Confirms It Has Rights To Justin Bieber Merchandise

News by Joanna Nodado
Published: December 23, 2022

Swedish clothing company H&M clarified it had the rights to sell a line of Justin Bieber merchandise after the singer told fans he didn't "approve" any of the collections' designs.

"The H&M merch they made of me is trash," the pop superstar wrote in an Instagram story on Monday.

"All without my permission and approval," "SMH (Shaking my head), I wouldn't buy it if I were you," the singer added.

The fast-fashion giant, however, denies the allegations and claims, "Justin's license holder has confirmed that H&M had the right contracts in place and followed all proper approval procedures for each selected design."

The collection included a white sweatshirt, a tote bag with the musician's face, a phone accessory, and a pink sweatshirt that reads, "I miss you more than life," a lyric from Justin Bieber's song, "Ghost."

"Out of respect" for Justin, H&M had removed the merchandise from their website and stores. The company added they are now working on "finding the best way" to make use of the said products.

As of writing, no products are available when searching for Bieber's name on H&M's website.

Bieber is known to have a familiar figure in fashion. In 2019, the singer launched his own clothing business, Drew House, with his best friend, Ryan Good as co-founder. The streetwear company, which targets most Gen Z consumers, is known for its yellow smiley-face logo, bright colors and checkered branding.

Source: Justin Bieber | Instagram



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