Just Eat's New Campaign Is a Sweet Nod to Wes Anderson Films

Just Eat's New Campaign Is a Sweet Nod to Wes Anderson Films
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 04, 2024

Just Eat has launched "The Joy of Everyday," a new innovative campaign that promotes the delivery platform as a convenient everyday option, and not just a weekend treat.

To kickstart the brand campaign, the online food service has also released a series of short films inspired by the vibrant and quirky animatons of acclaimed filmmaker Wes Anderson.

In the four installations, Just Eat utilizes the medium of puppets and stop-motion animation to create animal characters that act as hungry users of the app.

'The Joy of Everyday' Series

In the first spot titled "I Didn't Know," a beaver and an otter talk over breakfast to discuss their Just Eats picks. "I didn't know you could get those," the otter says, referring to the beaver's Joe & the Juice order.

"There's a lot you don't know, dear," the beaver responds. 

Irritated by his statement, the otter makes a dig at the beaver's sense of fashion, saying, "Well, I know that shirt's not coming back into fashion anytime soon." 

"Touché," the beaver answers, as the spot ends. 

"Season Finale" sees four rabbits tuning in to the last episode of their favorite show, as their Five Guys Pizza delivery arrives.

One person offers to get the order from the door, but stands in the view of the three other bunnies. 

"Childish," one rabbit calls her, as the spot ends by highlighting the different Just Eat offerings.

"Breakfast In Bed" sees a fox enjoying a McDonald's meal straight from the comforts of her bedroom, as her husband runs errands.

Sudddenly, he texts his wife to inform her that he's on his way back home. "I got croissants," he adds. 

The fourth commercial, titled "Grocery Grab," shows two fox parents choosing Just Eat as an option to grab groceries from Sainsbury's, while their two kids jump on a trampoline in their backyard. 

As soon as they finish their playtime, the children start to argue in front of their parents, fighting for the newly bought food.

How the Brand Utilized Beloved Characters

Made in collaboration with creative agency McCann London, the spot was directed by the highly acclaimed Tim McNaughton of the Bobbsey Twins.

All 12 puppets, made by McCann London's creative directors Matt Searle and Olly Wood, were meticulously crafted by Arch Model Studio, renowned for their work in Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox and Isle Of Dogs.

Just Eat UK&I Marketing Director Victoria Gold shares that as the company continues to see a rise in demand for food delivery in non-traditional takeaway moments, such as breakfast and lunch, it’s important that consumers know the options they have with Just Eat.

"The Joy of Everyday’ aims to show how Just Eat fits seamlessly into people’s lives beyond the stereotypical Friday night takeaway. Our world of charming animal characters represents real people and their diverse food experiences. Each moment is uniquely delightful and universally relatable, positioning Just Eat as the go-to for everyday convenience."

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Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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