José Mourinho Visits Topps HQ Leading Up to EURO 2024

José Mourinho Visits Topps HQ Leading Up to EURO 2024
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 19, 2024

Topps has joined forces with esteemed Portuguese football manager José Mourinho to star in a new advertisement in anticipation of the upcoming UEFA EURO 2024.

In the dynamic one-minute spot, Mourinho makes a grand entrance at the Topps HQ, capturing everyone's attention. His presence also leaves one particularly enthusiastic fan, Juan, in awe. 

"I'm José Mourinho," declares the charismatic head coach of Roma, instantly assuming the role of the new Topps boss.

With the entire office hanging onto his every word, Mourinho declares,"EURO 2024 is coming, and together, we will make it special."

"Let's take our collectibles to the next level. Let's take them to the Topps!" he further exclaims.

After delivering his inspiring speech, Mourinho affectionately dubs Juan as "the special Juan," prompting cheers from his colleagues.

"I am José Mourinho, and I am here to make the UEFA EURO 2024 Topps collectibles even more special," he tells the audience as the spot concludes. 

Topps' EURO 2024 Plan

The latest commercial comes as part of Topps' exciting three-part campaign, which will debut across the brand's social media platforms to build anticipation for the event.

The campaign will spotlight Topps' official UEFA stickers, trading cards and collectibles in the run-up to the event.

Patrick Rausch, EMEA chief marketing officer of Fanatics Collectibles, explained how the advertising campaign has contributed to the company's growing anticipation for the EUROs as an official partner. 

"Once again, José Mourinho shows us why he is called ‘The Special One’ and why he is the perfect choice for us as brand ambassador and product manager," he said.

Mourinho previously starred in last year's EURO campaign, where he announced his debut as an exclusive partner to Topps, as well as being the "official manager" to the EURO 2024 Topps sticker album.

Rausch also teases the presence of other stars in future installations of the campaign.

"After the first film with the self-deprecating José immediately achieved cult status, I’m pretty sure that the upcoming clips, featuring several well-known influencers, will also take the hearts of Europe’s soccer fans by storm," he concluded. 

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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