Joe Rogan Returns to YouTube in New Spotify Deal

Joe Rogan Returns to YouTube in New Spotify Deal

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 05, 2024

Joe Rogan, host of the world's leading podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience," is set to return to YouTube after inking a new deal with Spotify worth $250 million, signaling a shift in the steaming service's podcasting strategy. 

"I am very happy to announce that I will extend my partnership with Spotify, the largest podcast platform in the world," Rogan captioned in a post.

The deal, which spans multiple years, includes an upfront minimum guarantee and a revenue-sharing arrangement based on advertising sales.

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Under the terms of the new licensing deal, the audio streaming giant will broaden the distribution of "The Joe Rogan Experience" beyond its previous exclusivity on the platform.

The show will now be available on various podcast platforms, including YouTube, Apple and Amazon. Previously, Rogan's show was exclusively hosted on Spotify.

This new deal between Rogan and Spotify reflects changes in the economics of podcasting. Last June, the company announced that it was entering the "next phase" of its podcast strategy, which involves extending collaboration initiatives, optimizing podcast engagement, enhancing analytical capabilities, and improving advertising options.

With this, it hopes to maximize audience reach and advertising revenue by distributing shows across multiple platforms. Notably, Spotify is also shifting towards a revenue-sharing model and smaller minimum guarantees to share risk with talent.

Spotify and Rogan Go Way Back

Since 2009, "The Joe Rogan Experience" has garnered immense popularity, boasting a total of over 2,200 episodes.

Spotify's initial deal with Rogan in 2020 marked a significant investment in podcasting, aimed at boosting the platform's presence in the medium.

However, the agreement with Rogan hasn't been without its challenges. In 2022, musician Neil Young pulled his music from Spotify due to concerns over Rogan's content.

Additionally, controversies surrounding the podcast included accusations of spreading vaccine misinformation.

Despite these issues, Spotify stood by Rogan. The company's CEO, Daniel Ek, reaffirmed the company's commitment to embracing diverse viewpoints and opinions by inking this new deal with Rogan. 

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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