Jason Momoa Finds Out He's 2% Irish in New Guinness Ad

Jason Momoa Finds Out He's 2% Irish in New Guinness Ad
Published: March 07, 2024

Actor and Guinness enthusiast Jason Momoa takes center stage in the beer brand's latest ad campaign, titled "Lovely Day."

Momoa's passion for Guinness is well-documented, with the actor even crediting his first sip of the beverage on his 21st birthday as a pivotal moment.

This passion now extends beyond mere enjoyment, as Momoa also took the director's chair for the "Lovely Day" commercial, working alongside his production company, ON THE ROAM.

"I've wanted to direct for Guinness for 12 years now. They have, in my opinion, the best commercials in the world. It was fun pitching this idea to them, they loved it; and now, it's turned into a dream job,” Momoa said in a press release.

Momoa posted the director's cut on his Instagram, writing, "Been a fan of @GuinnessUS for a long time, now I’m officially a #GuinnessPartner! I’m so proud of what we created together. Enjoy the director’s cut of my newest project."

The commercial also features a special appearance by the Aquaman star's own mother Coni, who, according to the actor, instilled his love for Guinness.

A Simple Premise, An Action-Packed Execution

The new campaign kicks off with the release of the full commercial shot in New Zealand, which runs on the very simple premise that Momoa has Irish blood.

It opens with Momoa nervously opening his DNA test results at a Japanese pub, with a freshly poured glass of Guinness in front of him.

Jason Momoa nervously reads his DNA test results.
Momoa reads his DNA test results | Source: Guinness

After finding out he’s 2% Irish, he screams and immediately dashes out of the pub, running down flights of stairs, and entering the crowded street — all while intermittently screaming in excitement.

A series of fast-paced action sequences follow, as Momoa jumps over a railing, slides down an escalator, goes through a tree, and glides over the hood of a car.

Jason Momoa slides down an escalator.
Momoa slides down an escalator in a hurry | Source: Guinness

Finally, he reaches his destination, another bar. He announces with a high-pitched scream, “I’m f***ing Irish!”

His mom, sitting at the bar with a glass of Guinness in her hand, then says, “Hey, then kiss me.” Another customer also asks for a kiss and the entire bar cheers.

The spot ends with everyone at the bar happily drinking Guinness after affirming that being 2% Irish is all he needs.

Jason Momoa kisses his real-life mother in the new Guinness commercial.
Momoa's mother gets a kiss from his famous son | Source: Guinness

A bonus was even included as a postscript, with supposed behind-the-scene footage showing Momoa drinking Guinness, and then telling his stunt double to do the jump again because he’s “seen better.”

While the commercial is set to be broadcast on March 11, it will continue to air throughout the year and be promoted across social media.

"For years, he's been a huge fan of ours, and of course, we're huge fans of his. But this is more than just another partnership: together with Jason, we are starting a new chapter in our iconic story that will bring Guinness to more people, places, and celebrations," Joyce He, Guinness US brand director, shared in a statement.

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