ISG Elevates Transcom To Global Rising Star Status

ISG Elevates Transcom To Global Rising Star Status

Published: October 22, 2022

Information Services Group, Inc. (ISG), a leading global IT service management and advisory firm, has named Transcom as a Global Rising Star and a Leader in the Europe and UK region Customer Experience services market.

The ISG Provider Lens™ Customer Experience Services report recognized Transcom’s investment into innovation, advanced digital capabilities and ambitious growth plans in digital deployments and proprietary solutions.

The report further acknowledges Transcom’s performance and quality management, as well as its work-at-home hubs for related services.

“In today’s competitive consumer marketplace, it’s imperative for brands to provide a top class, digital and effortless customer experience across channels. This is exactly what Transcom is about, why we are incredibly proud to be named a leader in Digital CX Operations by ISG,” said Jonas Dahlberg, President and CEO of Transcom.

In the report, ISG emphasized the role of global contact center digital operations in delivering outstanding customer experiences in the current market.

The leading global technology research firm went on to state that “Transcom’s steady client base in Europe, inorganic growth trajectory and robust remote solutions have enabled it to emerge as a Leader in this space with growing digital capabilities and a highly diversified talent pool.”

According to ISG’s report, Transcom’s proprietary solutions and the digital-first mindset are at the core of the exceptional service they’re providing for their clients.

“But it’s not enough to provide a great service to our clients, we also need to provide an amazing experience to our people.”

“They are the ones behind the brilliance of our clients. To attract and retain exceptional CX talent, we must ensure a modern and flexible way of working, delivering a great experience to our people, at the same time as we deliver an efficient and quality service to our clients. That’s why it feels even better to also be recognized a global leader in Work-At-Home operations by ISG,” Dahlberg continued.

Global Rising Stars are companies that hold great promise for the future, have extensive portfolios and an adequate focus on key market trends and customers.

“Transcom has demonstrated consistent growth over years and continues to invest in portfolio enhancement,” said Namratha Dharshan, Director and Principal Analyst at ISG. “In addition to its scale of operations, Transcom’s digital capabilities include a fine combination of partnerships and proprietary solutions, and the company has accelerated its digital deployments over years. Transcom brings a well-rounded portfolio to address customer’s transformation requirements.”

Transcom is likely to continue its stellar growth in the months and even years to follow, dictating contact center and customer experience trends.

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