IPG Mediabrands Accounts for Advertising Carbon Footprint

IPG Mediabrands Accounts for Advertising Carbon Footprint

Published: November 24, 2022

IPG Mediabrands and Scope3 joined forces to optimize the media buying agency’s measurements of digital advertising footprint and reduce it where possible. That makes Mediabrands the first media company to cooperate with Scope3 on a global scale.

Mediabrands’ plan is to prioritize investment in platforms that are on par with its emission reduction effort. The shift to more environmentally-sound partnerships is happening across the board, and advertising is no different. Through such partnerships, all of the parties involved stand to benefit from the goals they set towards reducing the industry’s environmental footprint.

Among other things, Mediabrands will offer its client emissions measurement, compensation and reduction capabilities.

With the help of Scope3, Mediabrands will be able to deliver on that offer and make a big push to secure the necessary data about carbon emissions.

The recent cooperation between the two companies comes at a time when more and more marketers are expressing concern over the impact their activities have on the environment, and are “looking to agency partners to develop methods to measure and reduce their impact, particularly when it comes to digital advertising.”

“For action to be taken, access to accurate data and reporting is an essential first step. Scope3 provides critical insights and information that enable us to make smarter, cleaner investment choices,” said Mediabrands Global CEO Eileen Kiernan in a release.

The latest collaboration should provide Mediabrands with greater insights into the emissions cost of its digital ad initiatives, including detailed data about end-to-end emissions of every single impression.

Mediabrands will also provide its clients with access to Scope3’s Green Media Products, which calculates the cost of carbon into the price of advertising based on emissions data.

The majority of the advertising industry is looking to come together and establish a baseline measurement system for its environmental footprint, and then reduce it. WPP’s GroupM established a Media Decarbonization Coalition and IPG’s Momentum Worldwide launched a partnership with event-focused sustainability action group Isla, among others.

According to Mediabrands, “90% of the marketers it surveyed this year for its Media Responsibility Index said they were interested in finding methods beyond price efficiency to measure media value.”

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