iPad 10th Generation Accessory Manufacturers Reveal New Design Ahead of Apple

iPad 10th Generation Accessory Manufacturers Reveal New Design Ahead of Apple

Published: October 13, 2022

While Apple is running late with disclosing the 10th generation iPad specs, the Japanese website MacOtakara just announced that ESR, a popular accessory manufacturer, recently added new cases for the 10th gen iPad to the Amazon Japan store.

If the new iPad cases are anything to go by, it seems like Apple has finally given the entry-level series the attention it’s been lacking.

Cases suggest a slightly larger display and more room for cameras, akin to the iPad Air design.

It also spells the end of the Home button, as many rumor mills have suggested. Instead, there’s a cutout for the Power button with Touch ID, with some room for a magnetic Apple Pencil charger on the side.

ESR states that new device cases are not compatible with previous versions of the iPad, cementing the claim that the latest generation will, in fact, differ from previous iterations in several crucial segments.

According to MacOtakara, Apple has decided to recycle the old iPad Air design and apply it to the next-gen of entry-level iPads.

The end result is likely going to be a larger version of the iPad mini, but certainly more modern-looking.

If other rumors also prove to be true, the 30% faster A14 Bionic chip will power the 10th-generation iPad, and the device will feature 5G connectivity. Legacy Lightning port will give way to USB-C, and the device will now boast second-generation Apple Pencils, incompatible with legacy ports. The 3.5mm jack is also going away for good.

The 10th generation Apple iPads are already late to the show, seeing as how iPads 7, 8, and 9 all made an appearance in September in previous years.

Since Apple has postponed the release of the first iPadOS 16 version as well, it’s only reasonable to assume that both the 10th-gen iPad and the new OS will arrive on the same day. Software development is likely already complete, just waiting for the right moment for the release.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the iPadOS 16, and with it, the 10th-gen iPad, are set to make an appearance the week of October 24, to coincide with the earnings call.

In addition to that, there probably won’t be as much fanfare regarding the entry-level iPad, just a simple press release.

As a reminder, the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus appeared during the “Far Out” event last month, as well as several other coveted Apple products.

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