Instagram Unveils Trend Predictions for 2023

Instagram Unveils Trend Predictions for 2023

News by Marge Serrano
Published: January 02, 2023

Instagram has published its 2023 Trends Report, highlighting the top rising shifts for the coming year among Gen Z users based on usage insights, survey data and more. 

After surveying 1,200 social media users aged 16-24 across the U.S., Instagram’s report reveals some of the youth’s top cultural and social trends.  

In particular, 64% of Gen Z respondents said they plan to “monetize a project” using social media in the new year. Worth noting this group includes those who aren’t full-time content creators. 

Instagram states, “our findings, included in this report, began with a simple question about summing up 2023 in one word. Our top responses: Healing, Energized, and Main Character Energy.” 

The 22-page report highlights five key trend areas in the main section: 

  • Recycle, Reuse, Reconstruct 
  • Taking Action 
  • Climate and Expressive Beauty 
  • Alt Takes on the Metaverse 
  • The Financial Renaissance 

Each trend comes with its page, along with some of the vital data points shared, from a marketing perspective, which includes: 

  • More members of Gen Z will use their dollars to support causes and communities 
  • Over half of Gen Z social media users plan to get fashion or beauty inspiration from digital avatars or influencers  

2023: The Year of Side Hustle 

Dubbing 2023 the “year of the side hustle,” the report suggests that many teen users want to make money on Instagram.  

Specifically, many Gen Z individuals are finding ways to earn income from their interests and passions. This echoes data from the global creator economy study by Adobe, which revealed that Gen Z creators are motivated to make social media content because it looks fun and there’s an opportunity to make money or a career out of it. 

The rise of virtual influencers and digital avatars looks to become even more embedded this year as the report analyzes creator trends. Instagram notes that nearly two-thirds of Gen Z users plan to use social media to make money in 2023. 

Besides Gen Z’s entrepreneurial ambitions, the report also highlights several other trends driven by this young group. One of these includes creators exploring new forms of media and expanding their reach, with over 40% of Gen Z saying they want to listen to podcasts from their favorite creators in 2023. 

Read the full 2023 Instagram Trend Report here. 

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