Instagram Rolls Out New Ad Features: Reminder and Search Result Ads

Instagram Rolls Out New Ad Features: Reminder and Search Result Ads

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 22, 2023

Instagram has rolled out two new features that give businesses more ways to get discovered: Reminder ads and ads in search results. 

In partnership with Starz, Reminder ads helps advertisers "announce, remind and notify people of future events or launches that they might be interested in.”  

Users will have the choice to be reminded of an event, with the option to receive three push notifications from the app one day before, 15 minutes before, and at the start of an event. 

Meanwhile, ads in search results will help advertisers reach “people actively searching for businesses, products and content.” Users will see ads in their feed that they can scroll when they tap into a post from search results.  

In a blog post, the company stated it is currently testing the in-app feature, but plans to roll out ads in search results globally in the months to come.  

Instagram has been heavy on integrating ads into its app in recent years, with ads present in the platform’s explore page, explore feeds, reels, stories and profile pages.  

The new ad features also come after the company’s efforts to introduce paid services into the platform. Meta, Instagram’s parent company, is testing out ‘Meta Verified’ - a blue badge verification feature that provides users with a blue check mark for their account, along with added customer support and account protection. 

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