Instagram Updates Features To Help Content Creators Get Views

Instagram Updates Features To Help Content Creators Get Views

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: June 01, 2023

Instagram has unveiled detailed explanations on its ranking algorithms Monday, in a bid to provide transparency and support for content creators and users alike. 

The social media giant acknowledges that there are various misconceptions surrounding its algorithm, leading to confusion among creators.  

One of its updated features allows users to have more control over the content they interact with on the social network. When viewing recommend posts, users can now select a newly implemented “Interested” button to see more similar content on Instagram in the future. 

(Source: Instagram)

This updated feature ties into Instagram’s recent updates regarding content preferences, including the existing “Not Interested” button and the option to snooze recommendations. 

As for its content creators, the social media app is finally revealing more about Instagram ranking, transparency notifications, and shadowbanning.  

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Transparency notifications will notify creators which content may have limited reach due to watermarks, something that often happens with Reels. 

Shadowbanning, a common frustration among content creators, refers to content being hidden from followers and non-followers on the social media platform without explanation.  

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, addressed misconceptions around shadowbanning in an official blog post titled "Instagram Ranking Explained," detailing information that can help content creators better understand their Instagram accounts. The expansive blog post details how Instagram ranks Stories, the Explore page, and Reels.  

(Source: Instagram)

“We want people and creators to be in control of their Instagram experience, and we’re always exploring ways to add even more transparency and control to the app,” explained Mosseri 

“Providing more context on how content is ranked and moderated on Instagram is only part of the equation and we will continue to provide ranking updates as our systems evolve,” he added. 

Whether the updates will give the social media app the competitive edge it seeks remains to be seen, but the newly improved features certainly follow through on its key priorities for 2023 and work towards improving the Instagram experience. 

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