Instagram Co-Founders Launch AI-Powered News App, Artifact

Instagram Co-Founders Launch AI-Powered News App, Artifact

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 23, 2023

Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created an AI-powered news app, and it’s now available to everyone for use.  

Artifact is a mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to tailor news based on the user’s interest. It was first unveiled last month and required users to join a waitlist to try it. Now in its official release, the app has come with additional features. 

Our hope is to provide control over what you see in Feed and a new lens into what you and your network are finding most interesting,” the Artifact Team wrote in a blog post.  

One of these new features include the option to connect with contacts and see the articles that are popular among the user’s network.  

“By connecting your contacts, you’ll start seeing articles with a special badge when they’ve been read by at least several of your contacts,” the team explained. 

Another feature allows users to track their reading history. Stats on what they read will appear on their profile. After reading 10 articles, the app will then show users the categories, publishers and topics that they read the most, which continuously updates the more they read.  

Users will also be able to give feedback on articles and publishers they dislike with the use of a thumbs-down icon. Once a user reacts to an article, this prompts the company “why you don’t like an article or publisher and take action to see fewer articles like it or less from that publisher.”  

As opposed to its initial waitlist release, users can now use the app without inputting their phone numbers. However, doing so will allow the user to save reading preferences and history, and log in with multiple devices. 

Artifact is now available for free in both iOS and Android. 

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