Influencer Marketing Takes Over Traditional Advertising, Expert Reveals

Influencer Marketing Takes Over Traditional Advertising, Expert Reveals

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: March 17, 2023

Influencers are gaining more trust from audiences than traditional forms of advertising, influencer relationship management company Promoty has revealed.  

By leveraging word-of-mouth marketing, social credibility and peer recommendations, influencers can establish ongoing trust with users who can easily be transformed into brand consumers.  

“People trust other people, more than regular advertising: their friends, family and even strangers on the internet. Influencer marketing is an amazing way to reach new audiences, build a brand reputation and increase sales,” said Marelle Ellen, CMO at Promoty, in an exclusive interview with Spotlight

Selecting the right influencer for your brand is key when establishing a successful long-term collaboration with influencers. In addition to researching audience demographics and previous collaboration posts, aligning values is also key for ad agencies. 

“Do their stories and values match your brand’s? Would you like to have that person represent your brand?” adds Ellen. 

It is also crucial to consider current trends in the influencer market. TikTok, for example, has become an essential tool in influencer marketing.  

Research shows that almost 40% of Gen Z prefers TikTok search to Google, which indicates that TikTok has surpassed the role of an entertainment platform. Brands that leverage influencer marketing can no longer avoid TikTok as a potential channel.  

“Should everyone do influencer marketing? In general, yes. We are all influenced by the people we trust,” concludes Ellen.  

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