Imperial Soldiers Love Liquid Death Drink In New Ad

Imperial Soldiers Love Liquid Death Drink In New Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 18, 2024

Beverage company Liquid Death is teaming up with Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon film series in a new comedic spot aimed at promoting both the drink and the upcoming film. 

The 55-second "Mandatory Beverage of the Motherworld" spot is set in a fantasy world where Imperium soldiers conquer farmland. 

"Hard work, it's what this moon was built on. That's why it's taken a lot more hardwork to steal it for our own," one of the soldiers narrate. 

After a hard day's work occupying the land of "ungrateful space farmers," the soldiers enjoy ice-cold cans of Liquid Death to "murder their thirst." 

"Here's to you. The real heroes of the heartland. The workers. The doers. The ones who take pride in their craft. 'Cause we all know that rebel farmers are backwater space scum that doesn't deserve a single grain of their wheat. You do," the narrator shares, as soldiers bully farmers in the background and enjoy their drinks. 

The spot ends with the campaign slogan: "Liquid Death: Mandatory Beverage of the Motherworld."

"We are not at all being forced at blaster-point by the Motherworld's army to bring you this message," Liquid Death funnily shared in a statement.

The spot, which ties together satire with dark comedy, was directed by none other than the Rebel Moon director's son himself, Eli Snyder.

According to the 300 actor, satirizing an "overtly blue collar" ad campaign helped them put together the world of Rebel Moon and the unique brand identity of Liquid Death. 

"Leveraging the real environments used in the film allowed us to maximize the irony of Imperium soldiers celebrating a 'hard day's work' with an ice-cold can of Liquid Death," Snyder added.

Rebel Moon Part 2 will be streaming on Netflix starting April 19, 2024. 

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