Ikea Creates a Home in Touching Commercial ‘The Troll’

Ikea Creates a Home in Touching Commercial ‘The Troll’
News by Anja Paspalj
Published: January 11, 2023

There is no place like home. This is a sentiment that Ikea echoes in its new ad, "The Troll" by independent creative agency Rethink.

The two-minute short film tells a fable about the friendship between a young boy and a lonely troll and how the unlikely relationship brightens the troll’s life with the help of some Ikea homeware.

Shot on location in Slovenia, the troll lives under a bridge in a dank and dark space devoid of comfort. To brighten up his home, the boy brings an Ikea lamp as a gift.

The unlikely duo redesigns the troll’s living space with Ikea furniture and accessories as the troll’s spirit changes and a wide smile spreads across his face.

“The story of the troll, while fantastical, is also grounded in a human truth that we can all relate to. Through the relationship between the caring boy and the grumpy troll, we see that with a little meaningful attention, we can transform our space and our lives,” said Johanna Andren, Head of Marketing at IKEA Canada.

Andren cites the annual IKEA Life at Home report as a basis for the ad’s story. The research shows a direct relationship between how our homes feel and how we feel. Launched in 2022, this advertisement is part of Ikea’s “Bring Home To Life” platform, which explores the emotional connections we form with (and within) our homes.

“The Troll” which encourages compassion and connection, as well as building a home, was directed by Nick Ball and will be shown in Canada and Australia until April 2023. The troll character was created by Czech puppet-maker Martin Pec and then brought to life in the film with the help of animatronic and post elements.

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