Ikea's Emotional Campaign Does Branding Right by Putting Parents First

Ikea's Emotional Campaign Does Branding Right by Putting Parents First

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: May 15, 2023

Ikea’s new campaign celebrates parents worldwide, recognizing that they always come first.  

The campaign titled "Proudly Second Best" puts the Scandinavian company’s values of functional, stylish, and affordable products in the spotlight.  

Its philosophy surrounding the importance of creating a home has resulted in touching ad campaigns in the best possible way. The three emotional “Proudly Second Best” spots are no exception. 

Featuring some of Ikea’s top-selling products, such as the SMÅGÖRA cot, the ANTILOP highchair, and the BOLMEN step stool, the spots show the furniture pieces ready to be used in three different homes. 

As the camera zooms out, audiences see babies interacting with their parents; a baby sleeping on its mother, one being fed by its father while sitting in his lap, and a baby being held above the sink by its mother.  

The featured IKEA furniture sits to the side waiting for its turn, as the campaign logo reads: “Proudly Second Best.” 

The furniture company smartly places its furniture to the side to shine a light on the importance of brand valuesIndirectly, the campaign allows audiences to imagine how Ikea’s top-selling products could find a place in their family and home. 

"Placing parents as the first choice for their children reflects this core belief. It doesn't matter if we are second only to the parents, we are actually proud of it. Through this campaign, we hope to spread this brand value and celebrate parenthood across several channels,” said Carla Klumpenaar, the general manager of marketing, communication, HF, and retail design at Al-Futtaim Ikea. 

Ikea’s new campaign was released just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day and isa testament to the strength of the creative and emotional work top branding agencies can achieve 

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