IKEA and Mother London Welcome Viewers Home With New Campaign

IKEA and Mother London Welcome Viewers Home With New Campaign
Published: October 13, 2022
“It won’t feel like home ‘til it feels like you.”

The slogan sums up IKEA’s latest marketing campaign in the UK and Ireland all too well.

Mother London is the mastermind behind the new pitch, inviting people to decorate their living spaces with Ikea products ‘til it feels like them.

The clever slogan is only part of Ikea’s new campaign to turn houses from mere collections of bricks and planks into fully-fledged homes where people feel like they belong.

Mother London also created a 30-second video that follows a family as they help “a simple house” transition into a place they call home.

The perfectly-crafted ad follows a family of three as they are trying to settle down in a new home. Emphasis on trying, as the house is resisting their attempts at making it their own. The doormat objects to the newcomers, paintings frown at them and lightbulbs are downright threatening.

However, as the family proceeds to enrich the new space with personal belongings, furniture and memorabilia, the house recognizes their good intentions and opens up to the prospect of becoming a home for the lovely family.

Kemi Anthony, cluster marketing communications manager at Ikea, said: “Where we live is part of who we are, so having a home that reflects our identity really matters.”

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Once again, Mother London’s messaging is dead-center, highlighting the importance of decorating a house ‘til it feels like home. And what better way to do it than to visit a local IKEA where it’s possible to find every household item in one place?

The agency’s recent work for H&M and the latest campaign for Ikea are testaments to Mother London’s brilliance at delivering comical, yet highly fitting ads.

The spot will run on TV, VOD, in cinemas and across digital platforms. Three-episode docuseries will follow shortly after, continuing in the conceptual footsteps of the 30-second short, focused on real-life people.

“We want to showcase the different ways IKEA can help make home your own, from small touches to bigger re-vamps, there are products that cater to all personalities and styles,” Anthony said. “Our range is at the heart of this campaign and demonstrates that we design with the needs of real people in mind, no matter what their budget.”

IKEA has always been about the abundance of choice at affordable prices, making it perhaps the best place to fully outfit a home in one go.

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