IKEA "Lies" in Its Latest TV Ad

IKEA "Lies" in Its Latest TV Ad

Published: January 15, 2024

Furnishing giant IKEA lies in its latest TV ad that parodies serious claims of other kitchen retailers.

IKEA, in collaboration with creative agency Mother London, has launched a playful marketing campaign that challenges perceptions of high-end kitchen design.

The 30-second ad boasts of 25-year guarantees, impeccable craftsmanship and seamless functionality, all under the attentive guidance of "kitchen experts."

The ad opens with a woman playing the cello, establishing the classical background music.

A man in a bespoke suit confidently walks in, with an air of self-importance plastered on his face as he says "We are Eureka Spiritsis."

The camera pans across a gleaming expanse of granite countertop as a man wearing a bespoke jacket and an expensive-looking necklace extends a manicured hand along its surface.

Corresponding visuals of the various elements of a luxurious kitchen dramatically appear in time with the man's breathily mysterious voice stating "We mix and match kitchen doors to suit the doors of your personality."

The meticulously crafted world exudes an air of prestige, seemingly light years away from the familiar blue and yellow branding.

After saying, "Every quark of this drawer is guaranteed with 25 years," the visuals make a drastic change.

The man, along with the cello player, is suddenly wearing an astronaut suit against the backdrop of outer space. The man then says, "25 years, you say. Where will you be?"

The camera then zooms in on the man, who is back in his expensive jacket and wearing his usual pouty smile, as he throws this fictional world away.

Eureka Spiritsis is then revealed to be a witty anagram for "Surprise, it’s IKEA."

The admission of the lie then comes at the very end: "So we lied about the name. But everything else is true."

The uniquely charming ad exaggerates the tropes of luxury, inviting people to laugh at their fascination with luxury and exclusivity and ultimately, to see the inherent value in IKEA's own brand of accessible style, quality and affordability.

"Kitchens are at the heart of every home, and through this campaign, we want to show that IKEA kitchens are stylish, practical and built to last by debunking some common misconceptions,” stated Kemi Anthony, marketing communication manager for IKEA U.K. & Ireland.

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