Ikea's Funny V-Day Campaign Spotlights Flat-Pack Furniture

Ikea's Funny V-Day Campaign Spotlights Flat-Pack Furniture

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 14, 2024

Ikea Greece has unveiled a Valentine’s Day campaign that takes a playful jab at the notorious stress of assembling flat-pack furniture.

The campaign, crafted by Newtons Laboratory, cleverly suggests that the trials and tribulations of Ikea construction might just spice up relationships.

Ikea Greece's Valentine's Day Ad - Brimnes (Source: Ikea)

With lines like, “If it can turn you mad, it can turn you on. Celebrate Valentine’s the right way,” alongside quirky timestamps of the assembly process, the ads add a whimsical twist to the usual furniture-building ordeal.

Known for their creative flair, Newtons Laboratory's campaign for Ikea features four scenarios where assembling Ikea furniture takes on a whole new level of intrigue.

It's a lighthearted reminder that love can bloom even amidst the chaos of DIY projects.

Ikea Greece's Valentine's Day Ad - Malsjö (Source: Ikea)

This is not the first time the Swedish furniture giant created an inventive yet witty Valentine's campaign that poked fun at its catalog.

Last year, Ikea Singapore posted a set of images that showcase the unconventional ways its products can be used.

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The campaign images were a mix of wholesome yet subtly suggestive, the brand's way of getting couples' Valentine's spirits up in time for the holiday.

The products highlighted ranged from its food cover Övermätt to its bed sheets Dvala. 

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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