Ice Spice Is the Star of Starry's Super Bowl Debut

Ice Spice Is the Star of Starry's Super Bowl Debut

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 05, 2024

PepsiCo's lemon-lime soda brand Starry is making its Super Bowl debut with a new ice-cold ad starring American rapper and musician Ice Spice.

In "Love Triangle," the "Princess Diana" artist sits on a couch between lemon and lime, while taking a sip out of her glass of Starry.

"This Starry is mad good," she exclaims, as the two thank her and give her a kiss.

Soon after, a man shows up in front of the three, and lemon asks Spice who he is. "That's my ex lemon-lime soda," the Bronx-raised rapper responds.

She then tells her ex why she moved on to Starry, explaining to him that she was looking for a drink more refreshing and crisp. 

"This is intense," lemon comments, as the man gets down on his knees and pronounces his love for Spice. 

Just as lime was about to comfort him, ex-soda bursts into tears — in the same way a fizzy soda can would pop.

"It's time to see other sodas," the screen writes, as the spot concludes.

In an interview with TODAY, Spice discussed her reaction to getting the opportunity to star in a Super Bowl ad for a brand like Starry.

"I was so excited to be starring in my first Super Bowl commercial ever. Shout out Starry," the 24-year-old rapper shared, while donning a Starry charm on her bag. "This is crazy, I never really did nothing like this before."

The hip-hop star also explained that her first Super Bowl commercial could not come at a better time, with her dad's favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers, beating the Detroit Lions last January 28. 

"Every Super Bowl he would still tune in and have me watching. It was this whole big event," she shared.

"The halftime show was, of course, my favorite part, but I definitely would watch the ads [...] And I noticed that the ads were bigger and star-filled.”

Starry's ad with Ice Spice is set to be aired during the Big Game on February 11. 

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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