Hyundai Partners With Sony Pictures for ‘Spiderman: Across Spider-Verse’ IONIQ Cameo

Hyundai Partners With Sony Pictures for ‘Spiderman: Across Spider-Verse’ IONIQ Cameo

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: May 18, 2023

Hyundai Motor Company is partnering up for a third time with Sony Pictures to bring its vehicles to the big screen.  

“Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse,” Sony’s upcoming animated film, is slated to feature the “Flying Prophecy,” or a flying version of Hyundai’s concept that inspired its real-life IONIQ 6 model, the IONIQ 6 “electrified streamliner,” as well as other concepts that the car giant envisions for the future.

The different real and imagined Hyundai vehicles will appear in “Nueva York,” a city based on the Spider-Verse. 

Aside from cameos, the Sony-Hyundai partnership is rolling out a multi-dimensional global marketing campaign rolling out between May and June.  

The partnership campaign will entail an animated TV commercial featuring Spiderman and two IONIQ models, Spiderman-themed social media content, behind-the-scenes videos exploring Hyundai’s concepts and the brands’ partnership, and offline exhibitions.  

“Through our partnership, we aim to present our future mobility vision with entertainment content that younger generations love,” Hyundai Senior Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer Sungwon Jee shared in a press release. “This campaign will be welcomed by customers, and we hope to build a positive momentum for the Hyundai brand,” he added.  

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Previously, the two global brands have worked together to execute video marketing campaigns and showcase Hyundai vehicles in several motion pictures. In “Spiderman: No Way Home,” Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 and Tucson SUV were used in the film, while “Uncharted” featured the Tucson Beast concept SUV and other production cars.  

“During our long-standing relationship with Hyundai, their team continues to create impressive campaigns that capture the very essence of the brand,” Jeffrey Godsick, Sony EVP, Global Partnerships & Brand Management, shared. 

Watch the Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse trailer here:

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