HubSpot ClickUp Partnership to Automate Manual Work

HubSpot ClickUp Partnership to Automate Manual Work

Published: November 17, 2022

A partnership between HubSpot and ClickUp has just been announced, combining the power of the global leader in CRM and the cloud-based project management tool to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

In a blog post announcing the new partnership, Marshall Tyler, the chief strategy officer at ClickUp, emphasized the importance of delivering outstanding customer experiences.

He also identified the main culprit behind deliveries that don’t live up to expectations — a disconnect between teams that are managed across too many systems. This creates a lack of coordination that’s crucial to delivering great customer experiences. It also negatively impacts both the experience itself and the employees that are tasked to deliver it.

The HubSpot-ClickUp partnership aims to bridge the disconnect by enhancing integration between the tools and automating manual work.

Seamless automation is at the heart of this partnership, as it is the core tenet of scaling a business while keeping all relevant teams informed and up-to-date.

“With the ability to trigger workflows from either platform to the other, activities that take place throughout the customer journey, including those that span across multiple teams, can be automated,” wrote Tyler.

This means that tasks separate teams are working on, and possibly on different platforms, can trigger an event that updates the other platform, creates new tasks or initiates processes depending on where the customer is on their journey. And that’s only scraping the surface of what the HubSpot-ClickUp integration can deliver.

The two-way sync between HubSpot and ClickUp will also ensure that teams working on different platforms will always have access to the most recent data, without having to do anything manually.

“ClickUp and HubSpot users now have the ability to keep data between both platforms in sync so that the most current information is available across both systems without requiring any manual input,” wrote Tyler in the blog post.

According to ClickUp, the latest integration should increase project delivery speed, automate processes throughout the customer journey and provide the teams with easy-to-understand metrics that conclusively show how their work has impacted the client.

The integration should also help organizations of all sizes increase productivity by merging client-facing teams and operations across the business, placing visibility and coordination on the highest pedestal.

Strong customer relationships rely on their experience with the brand, regardless of whether it is a small business or a multibillion-dollar corporation. Integrations such as the HubSpot-ClickUp partnership go a long way in making these relationships happen.

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