Small Ireland Pub's Heartwarming Ad Goes Viral

Small Ireland Pub's Heartwarming Ad Goes Viral

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: November 28, 2023

While big brands splurge on high-budget Christmas ads, Charlie's Bar in Ireland flips the script.

Their latest two-minute spot shows that it's not about the dazzling lights and zeros in your ad budget, but the warmth in your message that captures the hearts of an audience. 

In the short film, an old man is seen walking out of his home with a bouquet of flowers, as he heads to the cemetery to visit his loved ones.

Soon after, he passes by Charlie's Bar, where he is greeted by a couple and their dog, and they invite him to come inside for a drink. While the man initially enjoys his beer alone, the couple's dog runs to him, which catches the couple's attention. 

Soon after, the four sit together and share the Christmas spirit over cold drinks. The commercial concludes with a quote from W.B. Yeats: There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't yet met. 

@charliesbarenniskillen ‘There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met’ (W. B. Yeats) 💫 Filming & Editing: @aoifeteague1 #christmasad#christmasadvert#christmasadvert2023#christmasadvert23#christmasadvertisement#christmas2023#northernireland#northernirelandtiktok#northernirelandfyp#irishbar#irishpub#christmaspub♬ People Help the People - Birdy

As of writing, the advert has amassed almost a million views and over 97,000 likes on TikTok, and over a million views on X (formerly Twitter).

The best part — it took only £700 to create it.

"Never in our wildest dreams would we have expected this reaction," Uma Burns, a manager at Charlie's Bar, told Sky News in an interview. 

"It's just what I've seen in the pub over the years, and I suppose I wanted to get across that message that it's not always a joyful happy time for everybody, and some people find it tough," she added. 

The ad has since caught the attention of multiple brands and personalities, praising the simple idea behind it. 

Retail giant John Lewis, known for their own Christmas ads, commented on the video on TikTok saying, "We're not crying, you are. Merry Christmas."

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