Carlsberg’s Design Leads the List of Top Custom 404 Pages of 2023

Carlsberg’s Design Leads the List of Top Custom 404 Pages of 2023

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: November 22, 2023

In the dynamic world of digital branding, the advent of 2024 brings an opportunity to redefine a common yet overlooked website element: the 404-error page.

Once a bland notice of a dead-end, these pages are being transformed into clever tools for engagement and branding.

What is a 404 Page?

At its core, a 404 error page signals that a user has attempted to access a page that no longer exists or never did.

Traditionally, it's a straightforward, utilitarian message: "Page Not Found."

But forward-thinking brands are now using these pages to not just inform but also to engage and entertain.

The goal is to blend informative content with the brand's unique voice, turning a potential site exit into a playful pause in the user's journey.

We found some awesome 404 pages across various industries, and we’re about to share five of our favorite 404-error pages with you:


Source: Carlsberg

Carlsberg's 404 page serves up a cheeky nod to bar culture with an almost-drained pint, humorously lamenting the "half-empty" situation to mirror your missing webpage blues.

It's a clever pour of levity, mixing a dash of brand spirit into the hiccup of hitting a digital dead end.


Source: Marvel

It seems Marvel has infused a dash of their trademark wit into their 404-error page by featuring the notoriously irreverent Deadpool amid a mechanical mishap.

With tools in hand and a mischievous glint, Deadpool appears to be "repairing" the website, while the playful text teases that you've "broken" something, only to quickly assure you they're just pulling your leg.

It's a clever way to turn a mundane error page into a mini-adventure with one of their most beloved characters.


Source: Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor turns a digital detour into a mini getaway with its 404-error page, spinning a yarn that while the sought-after page might be off wandering, your bags are still tagged and ready for adventure.

It's a breezy way to redirect would-be travelers from a page-not-found pit stop back to the main itinerary of discovery.


Source: IMDb

IMDb rolls out the red carpet for lost web wanderers with a 404 page straight out of Middle-Earth, wittily hinting that the page you seek might just be on an epic quest to find itself.

It's a charmingly cinematic way to say "cut" to confusion and "action" to further film exploration.

Steve Lambert

Source: Steve Lambert

Steve Lambert turns a webpage misfire into a moment of communal comic relief, crowning his 404 page the most awkward online oops moment with a photo that seems to shrug right along with you.

It's an artfully meta mistake that almost makes you glad you stumbled upon it, serving up a slice of his quirky artistry.

Why Are 404 Pages Important in Branding?

A creatively designed 404 page is a subtle yet powerful branding tool.

These pages offer a unique space to showcase creativity and capture the essence of your brand in a way that standard pages may not.

By transforming the error page into an engaging experience, brands can reinforce their identity and possibly convert lost visitors into loyal customers.

Moreover, a successful 404 page should naturally guide users on their next steps.

Providing clear navigation options, such as links to the home page, popular pages or a search bar, can turn a potential exit into an extended visit.

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