Honda and Amazon Ads Team Up to Create a Dream Generator

Honda and Amazon Ads Team Up to Create a Dream Generator

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 15, 2024

Honda has teamed up with Amazon Ads' Brand Innovation Lab to introduce an innovative way of promoting its latest all-electric Prologue SUV.

The "Honda Dream Generator" aims to offer a unique and interactive experience for consumers interested in the new EV.

Powered by AI developed by 1stAveMachine, users can now create personalized adventure videos tailored to their preferences.

How Does It Work?

Users can use the dream generator at, where they can choose from various criteria, such as characters, items and settings to generate a customized two-minute video.

With over 190 variations available based on user selections, the Dream Generator ensures a diverse range of video outcomes while maintaining a cohesive yet fantasy-like storyline.

The 'Honda Dream Generator' can be found on Amazon, where users can create a customized animated short film.
The 'Honda Dream Generator' on Amazon | Source: Amazon

Each video follows a similar narrative arc, featuring a family going on a trip in their Honda Prologue SUV.

The chosen item to pack and setting determine the details of the journey, with the child falling asleep only to dream about an adventure to find their pet who ran off. 

Each short film culminates with the child waking up after arriving at their destination. 

The ending of the short film customized by Honda Dream Generator on Amazon features a family arriving at the beach.
By choosing the "coastal escape" destination, the short film created by the dream generator ends with the family arriving at a scenic beach. | Source: Amazon

This "create-your-own adventure" approach resonates well with consumers, particularly families, seeking personalized content.

"The Honda Dream Generator launch exemplifies creative collaboration, producing an innovative AI-driven experience for customers," Kate McCagg, director of Amazon Ads Brand Innovation Lab, shared in a statement.

"Honda’s willingness to roll up their sleeves with us on such a cutting-edge creative journey is nothing short of incredible and we’re so excited for customers to experience it."

Meanwhile, Honda Marketing Senior Manager Phil Hruska also emphasized the significance of generative AI in expanding creative possibilities.

"Using generative AI allowed us to go from coming up with a handful of concepts to generating stories at a scale and consistency that is very high level," he said. 

Honda has also implemented strict guardrails to prevent unwanted scenarios, providing users with a controlled yet immersive experience.

The Dream Generator initiative aligns with Honda's broader launch campaign for the 2024 Prologue, aiming to drive engagement and brand awareness. 

"The launch of the all-new, all-electric Honda Prologue is a pivotal moment for the brand, and we wanted our customers to enjoy an innovative and engaging campaign befitting Honda’s first zero-emissions SUV," Hruska explained.

Burger King also used AI in its brand campaign to let customers create their own burgers.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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