HomeEquity Bank and Peter Mansbridge Team Up For New Ad

HomeEquity Bank and Peter Mansbridge Team Up For New Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 12, 2024

HomeEquity Bank and creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo have joined forces for a new campaign, and have enlisted the expertise of renowned Canadian journalist Peter Mansbridge to encourage a fresh perspective on retirement.

The campaign unfolds with a 30-second TV spot titled "Ask Yourself," featuring Mansbridge engaging in a press conference, where the audience is himself.

It integrates visual effects to portray multiple versions of Mansbridge in the press conference setting, seeking to encourage Canadians to contemplate their retirement choices.

In a unique twist, Mansbridge faces tough questions about his own future asked by his discerning self, symbolizing the need for individuals to carefully assess their retirement plans.

"Were you truly ready to hang it all up?" a Peter from the audience asks the Peter on the stage. "Retirement's not an ending, it's an opportunity," the main Peter responds. 

When asked by another Peter from the audience to elaborate, the journalist responds by sharing how retirement can help one's self find new purpose, passions and financial possibilities.

"It can be whatever you choose to make it," he concludes his answer. "Couldn't have said it better myself," one Peter from the audience jokingly tells the Peter beside him. 

Recently appointed as the Strategic Communications Consultant for HomeEquity Bank, Mansbridge plays a crucial role in advocating for the CHIP Reverse Mortgage as a tool to enhance Canadians' financial flexibility in their golden years.

The new campaign is driven by the evolving landscape of retirement planning in Canada, where individuals aged 55 and above are projected to comprise a third of the country's population by the close of 2024. This prompts questions about the future of retirement.

Steve Ranson, President and CEO of HomeEquity Bank, underscores the significance of this campaign.

"People aged 55 and above will account for a third of Canada's population by the end of 2024, leaving many with questions about what the future of retirement looks like," Ranson shared.

HomeEquity Bank CMO Vivianne Gauci meanwhile emphasized the personal nature of retirement planning, acknowledging that many individuals might not always know how to navigate these decisions.

"We're proud to be collaborating with one of the most trusted interviewers in Canada to help guide and empower people to live retirement on their terms with confidence," Gauci concluded.

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