Hispanics Feel Less Valued by American Culture and Big Brands, Research Reveals

Hispanics Feel Less Valued by American Culture and Big Brands, Research Reveals

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: June 25, 2023

The We Are All Human Foundation and media research company Nielsen conducted a study that revealed only 48% of Latinos feel their values are shared by most Americans, as well as big brands.  

“The Hispanic Sentiment Study," a collaborative research project between the two companies, is a comparative analysis of the sentiments of Latinos from 2018 to 2023. 

The study showed that the number of Latinos who feel undervalued by Americans dropped 20% from 2018. Additionally, the number of Latinos that believe big brands represent their values also decreased from 54% in 2018, to 45% in 2023. 

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Latinos' sentiments towards English-language news media and TV shows and movies show a similar pattern, with only 46% and 51% of them feeling that their values are represented, respectively. In 2018, this number stood at 55%.  

On the other hand, 67% of Latinos feel more represented by small businesses compared to big businesses. They also express higher trust in news and media made by other Hispanic or Latinos compared to mainstream media, with the number increasing from 25% to 32% n 2018.  

We Are All Human founder and CEO Claudia Romo Edelman calls the findings of the study “alarming,” as the feeling of being excluded from the mainstream cannot only be solved by investments in the Hispanic market but also by celebrating their values with the mainstream. She urges big companies to adopt a comprehensive Hispanic strategy.  

“There is a massive opportunity to win the Latino market and also an opportunity to engage the general market by celebrating the Latino values that we all share, like, and admire,” explained Romo in a press release

Meanwhile, the president of U.S. Advertising Sales and Marketing at Television Donna Speciale reiterated how critical it is for brands to invest in communicating to Hispanics “directly and authentically.” 

“When more brands lean in, Latino consumers feel seen, heard, and valued in the way they deserve to be."

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