HelloFresh Launches Buddy the Elf Meal Kit Full of Sugar and Syrup

HelloFresh Launches Buddy the Elf Meal Kit Full of Sugar and Syrup

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: December 03, 2022

Now that December has rolled around, it is important to stick to the four main food groups according to Christmas elves: candy, candy canes, candy corn and (of course) syrup!

The elf we are referring to is a favorite holiday mascot, Buddy the Elf. Played by Will Ferrell in the hilarious and heartwarming Christmas film Elf from 2003, the story follows a human raised amongst elves in the North Pole. After discovering that he is not truly an elf, he ventures to New York during the holiday season to find his birth father. Hilarity ensues.

HelloFresh, the fresh food and meal kit delivery service, was particularly inspired by Buddy the Elf’s holiday classic this year. Teaming up with Warner Bros., HelloFresh is launching a limited-edition Elf Spaghetti box, inspired by Buddy’s memorable meal from the fan-favorite film.

Featuring everything you may need to create your version of Buddy’s “breakfast dessert,” the meal box contains Colavita spaghetti, marshmallows, chocolate nonpareil candy, crumbled chocolate frosted pastries and chocolate and maple syrup. Can’t forget the syrup.

"While drawing inspiration from the sweet spaghetti dish seen in the movie Elf, we created a chocolate-forward version that stays true to Buddy the Elf's dish. Our goal is always to create recipes that are both tasty and fun to prepare, and we're sure this over-the-top recipe will satisfy any elf's sweet tooth while bringing the holiday spirit to your household!", said Michael Doll Olsen, HelloFresh Culinary Development Manager, in the official press release.

Combining an established brand with something that audiences can relate to emotionally is a perfect match during the holiday season and guarantees a memorable and creative approach that customers are sure to remember.

The meal kit of two servings will be available starting from December 5 exclusively on HelloFresh Elf Spaghetti while supplies last. The kit also includes a step-by-step recipe card to ensure you get the complete Elf experience. One more thing to look forward to at the start of December!

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