Hellmann’s Makes a Success With the ‘Case Potato’ Ad Experiment

Hellmann’s Makes a Success With the ‘Case Potato’ Ad Experiment

Published: November 15, 2023

In a groundbreaking effort to tackle food waste, Hellmann’s and Ogilvy Brazil orchestrated "The Waste Auction," a social experiment held in one of Brazil's largest auction houses.

Recognizing Brazil as the 10th largest contributor to global food wastage, the initiative aimed to shed light on the alarming $11.6 billion wasted annually, with the majority occurring at home.

To delve deeper into the issue, Hellmann's commissioned a study with Opinion Box, revealing that eight out of 10 Brazilians admitted to discarding food.

The research also unveiled that 53% avoid imperfect ingredients, contributing to unnecessary waste.

Hellmann’s, dedicated to combating food waste globally, leads the "United for Food" project in Brazil in partnership with Infineat.

Since its inception in 2021, the initiative has redirected over a thousand tons of surplus food from industry and retail, providing 1.6 million meals to those in need.

For "The Waste Auction" commercial, Hellmann’s collaborated with Ogilvy Brazil, auctioning a potato slated for disposal.

With a starting bid of $330, the average annual amount a Brazilian family wastes on food, the campaign aimed to spotlight the true value of every piece of food.

Undercover actors placed bids, capturing public reactions via hidden cameras.

The video release garnered widespread attention on TV and social media, sparking conversations about the staggering amount of money squandered annually on discarded food in Brazilian households.

Hellmann’s PR efforts resulted in over 90 press clips, reaching an estimated audience of more than 26 million people.

The potato fetched an impressive $20,500 at the auction, with Hellmann’s donating the entire sum to combat food waste.

The initiative also played a crucial role in promoting "No Waste Monday," a movement created by Ogilvy Brazil to emphasize that Brazilians are most prone to wasting food at home on Mondays.

The campaign encourages individuals to repurpose weekend leftovers with delicious recipes available on Hellmann’s platforms.

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