Heinz Shakes Up Chicago With Ketchup-Dispensing Billboards

Heinz Shakes Up Chicago With Ketchup-Dispensing Billboards

Published: April 01, 2024

Heinz, a household name in condiments, has recently launched a unique out-of-home (OOH) marketing campaign in Chicago in the form of interactive ketchup-dispensing billboards.

The localized OOH ad campaign, in collaboration with creative agency, Rethink, involves strategically placing the “Smack for Heinz” billboards outside restaurants known for not serving condiments.

Chicago-style hot dogs are popular for not having ketchup because the condiment is said to overwhelm the taste of the hot dog.

Chicago hot-dog sandwiches are known for not having ketchup.
A Sign at a Hot-Dog Restaurant That Shows Its No-Ketchup Rule | Source: Heinz

Appearing near The Wieners Circle and Navy Pier, the billboards dispense several Heinz ketchup packets when the bottle is “smacked.”

"Our 'Smack for Heinz' campaign creative features our brand taking on famous anti-Heinz ketchup restaurants across the country — proving the lengths Heinz fans will go to get their beloved ketchup when they need it most," Heinz Brand Communications Manager Lizzy Goodman told Muse by Clio.

Ketchup Access for All

In a 30-second video shot last month outside Louis Lunch in New Haven, popular for serving “the oldest American burger” without ketchup, and some hot-dog shops in Chicago, people are seen smacking the dispenser for ketchup.

“They have the no-ketchup policy, but I have a yes-ketchup policy,” one guy says.

"When filming content in New Haven, we certainly received some comments from locals passing by, given ketchup's polarizing reputation there," Goodman said.

"However, we have not received major pushback — in fact, the Chicago establishments where our billboards will live are fully on board to participate," she added.

Ketchup lovers can also redeem Heinz products from QR codes on the “smackable” billboards.

This limited-time campaign, set to run through April 9, highlights the brand's willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that people can enjoy their Heinz ketchup wherever they go.

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