Heineken Makes an Important Reminder to Work Responsibly with New “The Office Cleaners” Campaign

Heineken Makes an Important Reminder to Work Responsibly with New “The Office Cleaners” Campaign
News by Anja Paspalj
Published: December 10, 2022

Heineken is doubling down on hustle culture in their new campaign, “The Office Cleaners.” According to research conducted by the ADP Research Institute, workers worldwide take an average of 9.2 hours of unpaid overtime every week.

While the prevalent attitude towards hustle culture is being publicly addressed, it is no secret that the issue persists. Some may lean into this unhealthy habit in an attempt to climb the career ladder, while others simply may not have a choice. This is the issue that Heineken is tackling in its partnership with Le Pub, spreading the message of working responsibly, spending time with the ones in our lives who matter most and restoring a healthy work-life balance.

This issue is particularly problematic in Argentina, where 81% of people report working too much. As such, Heineken and Le Pub have made Argentina the first place to air “The Office Cleaner” campaign.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Ali Ali, the spot shows an office employee working after hours in an empty office. Playing on the motifs of the horror genre, the employee senses she is being watched in the deserted office. However, the plot quickly shifts as office cleaners show up to tidy up the space for the end of the day. They pleasantly signal her that it’s time to leave the office and join her friends at the bar for a bit of Heineken.

“As a brand, we have always stood for fostering real moments of connection over a beer with friends,” said Bram Westenbrink, Global Head of the Heineken brand. “We want to spark conversations about the importance of maintaining work-life balance and resisting societal pressures to be in a constant state of work. Campaigns like this help to encourage workers around the world to reprioritize social and leisure time with the people who matter.”

The hero film is just one part of the 360° campaign, which includes social media and digital content, as well as an activation for viewers. To support the Heineken #workresponsibly movement, Heineken and Le Pub have teamed up with local corporate cleaning companies. Office cleaners will receive vests with QR codes as part of their uniforms. Once scanned, the QR codes will give employees vouchers for a Heineken beer at the nearest bar after work hours.

“This witty activation incites workers to have not only a healthy work-life balance; it’s also a practical uplift to socializing and hanging out with friends,” added Bruno Bertelli, Global CEO of Le Pub, Global CCO Publicis Worldwide and CCO Publicis Groupe Italy — the lead agency that created the campaign.

This is the second campaign that Heineken and Le Pub have worked on as part of the #workresponsibly initiative. The first one, titled “The Closer,” was released less than a year ago.

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