Heineken Puts Attention-Based Metrics to the Test at Rock in Rio

Heineken Puts Attention-Based Metrics to the Test at Rock in Rio

Published: December 09, 2022

Heineken outperformed all other sponsors and performance benchmarks for this year’s Rock in Rio event with the help of creative agency Dentsu and the ad-tech platform Teads.

The Teads platform used Lumen's Research LAMP program and APM metric, which is a part of emerging methodologies that Teads are relying on, to track the success of the campaign. One of these emerging methodologies, the predictive attention methodology, is based on knowledge of consumer behavior in digital environments and is a much more reliable way of tracking success.

Heineken representatives said the brand had chosen an attention-based approach for the Rock in Rio event to get a “more qualified vision of impact.”

“In an environment where people dedicate less than 10 minutes of their attention each day to advertising, we need to find other ways to evaluate engagement,” said Fernanda Saboya, director of consumer connections at Heineken Brazil, in a statement. “By surpassing expectations, results show we are on the right path to creating more assertive campaigns that capture attention in a much more effective way.”

The APM metric is the average attention per 1,000 impressions measured in seconds. It’s part of the aforementioned emerging methodologies and represents a paradigm shift in how the success of advertising campaigns is measured.

Marketers are growing less interested in simply counting how many people have seen the ad. With banner blindness and similar phenomena, measuring whether someone has “seen” an ad is rather pointless. Whether they’ve interacted with the ad on a deeper level matters far more.

Following the application of attention-based measurement for the first time in a globally tested campaign, Heineken achieved astounding results. Its APM was five times higher than Lumen’s digital benchmarks, and it was the single most memorable sponsor at Rock in Rio.

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