Havas Media Group Absorbs Samba TV Data

Havas Media Group Absorbs Samba TV Data

Published: November 02, 2022

Havas Media Group, a multinational advertising and public relations company, formed a partnership with Samba TV, which entitles it to Samba’s streaming and linear television viewing and gaming data.

The new wealth of data is to enrich the insights Havas Media Group provides for its media clients.

Samba TV collects television and gaming viewership data from over 24 television manufacturers including Sony, Grundig and Panasonic, as well as from millions of opted-in televisions across 100 countries.

Combined with Havas Media Group’s existing data sources, the company will have access to a “highly representative viewership data set,” which will guide media buying strategies using the abundance of customer viewing insights.

“Modern media is about more than just reach and frequency – our approach prioritizes identifying the right environment based on the ability to foster meaningful connections with viewers,” said Mike Bregman, Havas Media Group North America’s chief data officer.

“This partnership allows us to understand how consumers spend time across screens and the ability to analyze the unique value media has for each one of our clients.”

Havas Media Group’s proprietary data management platform, Converged, will combine its massive first-party data pool with Samba TV’s viewership data to study granular consumer purchasing behavior and make business decisions based on that.

Instead of deriving business decisions solely off gender and age proxies, Havas Media Group will be able to hone in on the most valuable customers and reach out to them in a personalized and targeted manner, thanks to the newly-acquired behavior data.

Kris Magel, Samba TV’s Head of Agency and Publisher Solutions, described this shift in customer identification as “far more business-focused and effective.”

Streaming media is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern society which is slowly but surely abandoning linear TV and replacing it with streamed content. Ad-supported streaming is now on the rise, and it’s going to open many doors for advertisers.

Linear TV advertising is likely going to take a serious hit once streaming giants the likes of Netflix and Disney expose their viewers to advertisers.

Traditionally, TV advertising performance was difficult to measure due to a lack of granular customer data, so Havas Media Group’s integration of Samba TV’s data was a logical step. It will give the holding company the tools to provide more accurate TV-viewing insights.

According to Samba TV, recent changes in viewing trends may also impact the upcoming midterm elections, as there are fewer people subscribing to cable TV, and more joining streaming platforms.

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