Harry Kane Stars in Amazon Prime’s New Christmas Ad

Harry Kane Stars in Amazon Prime’s New Christmas Ad

News by Nikola Djuric
Published: December 22, 2023

In Amazon Prime's newest Christmas ad, celebrated English footballer Harry Kane stars in a festive narrative that captures the essence of the holiday season, interwoven with the spirit of football.

The ad begins with Kane, for the first time in his career, having Christmas off.

This rare break allows him to indulge in all the traditional Christmas activities. He is seen embracing the holiday spirit wholeheartedly, from decorating his home with festive ornaments to preparing the ultimate Christmas dinner.

However, it becomes clear that something crucial is missing from Kane's perfect Christmas.

Despite his enthusiastic embrace of the holiday cheer, there’s an unmistakable void. The ad cleverly builds on this sentiment, highlighting a feeling shared by many football fans and players alike.

The pivotal moment of the ad arrives when it is revealed that for Kane, and many others, Christmas simply isn't complete without the thrill of Boxing Day football. This day after Christmas, known for its packed Premier League schedule, is a staple of the festive season for football fans.

The ad captures the essence of this tradition, blending the warmth of the holiday season with the passion and excitement of football.

Amazon Prime, in collaboration with the Premier League, has indeed managed to create an ad that resonates deeply with football enthusiasts, capturing the magic of both Christmas and football.

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