Hanes' Latest Ad Celebrates Softness in the Wild West

Hanes' Latest Ad Celebrates Softness in the Wild West
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 15, 2024

Hanes just unveiled its latest creative campaign that humorously contrasts the toughness of the Wild West against the unmatched softness of its products. 

Titled "The Great Softening," the ad is set in the rugged landscape of the early 1900s, highlighting and celebrating the fact that Hanes was established in 1901.

Made together with creative agency The Martin Agency, the full 90-second commercial starts off like a short film, with a cinemtic scene of a lone cowboy on his horse entering a town in the Wild West.

Discomfort and fatigue are evident in his demeanor as he makes his way to the Hanes Saloon.

As he enters the bar, he receives intrigued looks all across the room.

After a staredown, the barkeep slides a pair of Hanes Supersoft underwear, instead of a drink, across the table. And the cowboy finally smiles.

As he wears Hanes' signature apparel, so does everyone else in the saloon.

And the room comes alive as patrons jump on couches, play pool, dance with each other, and even slide down the banister.

As the barkeep looks on in satisfaction, he is depicted like an angel, with wings suddenly spreading out behind his back, only to find out it is actually a real bird randomly taking flight behind him. 

The spot concludes with a photographer taking a picture of the cowboy and one of the saloon guests, before it hangs on the wall to be remembered as a part of history.

"In 1901, Hanes introduced America to something new. Softness," the message, as the cowboy rides his trusty steed out of town, wearing nothing but his cowboy hat and Hanes underwear.

Comfort at a Time of Discomfort

"The Great Softening" builds upon the success of last year's Hanes Originals anthemic spot, while offering a fresh take.

"[We] decided to continue to push the needle with a different narrative — one that takes place in the rough and tough Wild West — a time when living was every shade of uncomfortable," Rushil Nadkarni, associate creative director at The Martin Agency, explained. 

The short film was directed by Grammy-award winner Joseph Kahn, who is famous for his work in Eminem, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's music videos.

Speaking on the concept of the shoot, Khan shared that the ad differentiates Hanes from competitors with its easy humor that defines its accessibility. 

"Underwear can be a tricky product to sell, and we break through the awkwardness by embracing and celebrating it. Yet the ad takes the product seriously through high production value and aesthetics. The commercial reflects the product: relatable, stylish and state of the art."

Hanes Launches 'Hanes Originals With SuperSoft' Line

"The Great Softening" campaign strategically coincides with the brand's introduction of the Hanes Originals with SuperSoft fabrics.

The new line expands upon the brand's successful Hanes Originals collection, offering modern styles combined with luxurious comfort.

"Unmatched softness, driven by transformative fabrics that have truly redefined comfort, is what the new styles are all about," Jane Newman, chief design officer at Hanes, said in a press release.

It features elevated fabrics to ensure consumers have access to high-quality pieces at affordable prices, ranging from $10 to $34.

Following the campaign's broadcast debut on March 17, the spot will be aired during college basketball playoffs on major networks such as CBS, Tru, TBS and TNT.

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Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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