GUT’s Hilarious New Ad for Globant Parodies Crazy Tech Ideas

GUT’s Hilarious New Ad for Globant Parodies Crazy Tech Ideas
Published: March 21, 2024

Globant, a prominent tech and digital consultancy firm, has teamed up with award-winning creative agency GUT to launch a new campaign that challenges traditional practices in the tech industry.

The ad introduces a fictitious food-industry app called "Taste ID," which humorously takes a jab at nonsensical new tech ideas prevalent in the sector.

“Taste ID” is part of Globant’s “Stuck in Consultancy” campaign launched last year with the ad titled “I AI.”

The same tech team is also featured in “Taste ID.”

An Ad That Showcases Wit and Humor

The one-minute spot opens with a wide shot of a tech team presenting its new app. The camera then zooms in as the presenter starts explaining the concept behind the mobile app.

“Many times, we don’t know what to order, but there is a part of your body that always does.”

His partner then takes over to introduce “Taste ID,” which will “revolutionize the way that your consumers consume.”

The first presenter takes over again to demonstrate how “Taste ID” actually works: by generously licking the cellphone (with two failed attempts), the app will “create and order exactly the combo you would like to eat.”

A member of the tech team then interrupts, takes the cell phone from the first presenter, wipes it down on her shirt, hands over the only prototype to one of the clients, asks them to try it out, and “Please feel free to share.”

With disgust obvious on their faces, one client asks, “How do you know our customers will like it?”

The second presenter then replies confidently, “Like it? They’re gonna lick it!”

The spot ends with the message, “Enough with the nonsense tech. Get a technology partner that knows your business and consumers. Globant: technology that dares to delight.”

Breaking Ineffective Industry Practices

The campaign aims to position Globant as a technology partner that prioritizes real solutions for customers over gimmicky new tech innovations.

“This campaign addresses one of the most critical topics in the tech industry: placing the consumer or user at the center while crafting digital solutions,” GUT CCO Matías Lafalla said.

The humorous and ironic tone of the campaign, a signature style of GUT, sets Globant apart from other tech companies by showcasing their dedication to challenging conventional norms in the industry.

"We consider Globant the only B2B2C digital solutions partner that differentiates from other legacy IT organizations by blending technology, creativity, and intuition to build delightful experiences,” Globant Chief Brand Officer Wanda Weigert said in a press release.

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