Guinness Launches 'Foot Pints' For the Holidays

Guinness Launches 'Foot Pints' For the Holidays

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 26, 2023

Alcoholic beverage company Guinness is stepping into the world of winter footwear with "Foot Pints" in its latest holiday campaign. 

In a 15-second spot launched by the Irish stout maker, a person is seen wearing the limited edition black and white winter boots. The Foot Pints, etched with the Guinness logo and boasting a sole shaped like a glass of beer, leave its trails on the snow as the person makes his way to the pub. 

Made by creative agency AMV BBDO, the short spot takes inspiration from the seriousness and luster of sneaker launches while adding its own festive spin to introduce the winter boots. 

As the brand is known for incorporating the iconic shape of its pints throughout creative campaigns, the "Foot Pints" are no exception.

"Building upon our famous Christmas footprints billboard, we're launching this fun campaign underlining the iconic Guinness serve while celebrating the festive season and the pubs that play a key role in culture and communion, especially throughout winter," explained Jennifer Gleeson, Diageo Senior Brand Manager.

The initiative will include press and outdoor activities featuring the "Foot Pints" as they journey to various pubs across the U.K. A special edition of the boots has been created, and interested customers may sign up to get a chance to own a pair on the Guinness website.

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