Google To Update Its Crypto Ads Policy in January 2024

Google To Update Its Crypto Ads Policy in January 2024

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: December 08, 2023

Google has just announced an update to its cryptocurrency advertising policy that's set to take effect on January 29, 2024.

This policy revision, specifically targeting Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), signifies a new era in how digital currencies will be promoted online.

"Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts, innovative financial products, enable investors to trade shares in trusts holding large amounts of digital currency," Google noted, highlighting the opportunity for investors to gain equity in cryptocurrencies without direct ownership.

However, the policy update isn't limited to the U.S.

It encompasses a global scope, requiring all accounts that advertise Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts to adhere to Google’s guidelines, irrespective of their geographical location.

"This global approach reinforces Google's commitment to creating a uniform and secure advertising environment for users globally," the policy states.

To comply, advertisers must obtain certification from Google. This involves a rigorous evaluation to ensure that their Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts meet Google's standards.

Additionally, compliance with local laws in targeted ad regions remains paramount.

A Potential Backlash and New Opportunities

While this policy change opens new avenues for cryptocurrency advertising, it may not be without its challenges.

Google's stringent requirements could pose hurdles for smaller advertisers or those in regions with complex legal frameworks.

The requirement for Google certification and adherence to local laws might lead to a concentration of advertising power in the hands of a few well-equipped firms.

However, there's an upside.

"With these changes, there is a unique opportunity for advertisers to reevaluate and enhance their marketing strategies," notes a Medium article.

Advertisers who successfully navigate these new waters could find themselves at a significant advantage.

Google Is Evolving Its Stance Toward Crypto

This update signifies a notable shift in Google's attitude towards crypto-related advertisements.

In March 2018, Google implemented a comprehensive ban on all crypto-linked ads, citing consumer harm and potential risks.

The gradual easing of these restrictions shows a growing recognition of the maturing crypto market.

In September 2023, Google revealed plans to boost the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gaming sector, further highlighting this evolving stance.

Google’s policy update is a landmark decision in the world of digital advertising, as it could potentially lead to a more regulated, transparent and fair digital currency market.

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