Google Unveils ‘Quick Share’ System With Samsung at CES 2024

Google Unveils ‘Quick Share’ System With Samsung at CES 2024

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 10, 2024

Google just unveiled a slate of new features at CES 2024, shining a spotlight on a newfound collaboration with Samsung.

Google will be replacing its "Nearby Share" system it developed in 2020 with "Quick Share," which follows the naming scheme of Samsung.

Quick Share promises to be the go-to choice for sharing content between devices running on Android or Chrome OS, simplifying file sharing for Android users.

It will also allow users to choose who can find their device and send files:

  • Everyone
  • Contacts only
  • Some devices only

The rollout to existing Nearby Share-enabled devices is scheduled for February, per Google.

Additionally, Google is teaming up with PC manufacturers like LG to bring Quick Share to Windows PCs in the future, where users can simply tap on the Quick Share icon and share files with nearby devices.

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Google Grows Its 'Fast Pair' Service

Google is expanding Fast Pair to Chromecast with Google TV soon, and it will be added to more Google TV devices later in 2024.

Fast Pair simplifies connecting compatible headphones or speakers with a quick tap, along with easy audio controls for switching to default TV audio.

Google has also made it possible to cast TikTok content from mobile devices to devices with Chromecast built-in, with plans to extend this to live TikTok videos.

Looking ahead, LG's TV lineup will include Chromecast, allowing users to cast content from their mobile devices directly to LG TVs, including those in hotels and hospitals.

A new casting feature will also let users seamlessly switch Spotify and YouTube Music playback from a Pixel phone to a docked Pixel Tablet nearby.

LG TVs and selected Google TV and Android TV devices will act as hubs for Google Home, making it easier to control devices supporting the Matter protocol through the Google Home app.


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