Google Marketing Live 2023 to Tackle AI-Powered Ad Services

Google Marketing Live 2023 to Tackle AI-Powered Ad Services

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: May 23, 2023

Google Marketing Live (GML) 2023 is set to unveil digital advertising services, leveraging the power of Google AI to revolutionize how businesses connect with customers. 

From generative AI in Google Search to privacy-first ad experiences, GML promises to redefine the future of marketing.  

In the Google I/O 2023 event, the tech giant announced its plans to bring generative AI to Google Search through Search Generative Experience (SGE) in Search Labs. Additionally, the company has reaffirmed that Search ads will continue to be an integral part of the search experience.  

Jerry Dischler, Google’s VP and General Manager of Ads shared, “At GML, we’ll share even more about how we’re driving an ads experience that is AI-powered and privacy-first.”  

Performance Max: Unlocking High-Converting Ad Campaigns 

Over the past years, the tech giant has rolled out services that help advertising companies navigate the world of ads. AI-powered tools like Performance Max help advertisers by producing and running highly effective ad campaigns across Google’s channels.  

“Advertisers who use Performance Max campaigns achieve on average over 18% more conversions at a similar cost per action,” Dischler added.  

Broad Match: Enhancing Ad Relevance with AI 

The tech giant also promises to make ads more relevant through Broad Match — a tool that can helps advertisers to respond to what people are searching for.  

“Businesses that upgrade to broad match can see an average of 35% more conversions in campaigns that use a target cost per action,” the general manager explained. 

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Google AI has also been helping advertisers and video creators reach wider audiences. By adding YouTube Shorts into its  "Video reach campaigns” powered by Google AI, brands can upload minute-long vertical videos together with other assets, use AI-powered optimization to convert horizontal videos for the vertical screen, and more.  

Privacy Sandbox: Google's Initiative for Enhanced Data Privacy 

Maintaining its commitment to data privacy, Google is introducing Privacy Sandbox, its latest open-source initiative to replace advertising tools that track user activity across the web and mobile.  

The company is experimenting with serving interest-based ads using privacy-preserving signals, such as the Topics API from Privacy Sandbox, in place of third-party cookies.  

Google sees this as an opportunity for the industry to embrace a new era of marketing, harnessing the possibilities of AI while meeting increased privacy expectations. 

“If we get this right, we’ll not only build the way forward together, but preserve the open internet that billions of people rely on,” Dischler added.

Google Marketing Live is the company’s annual event to showcase its newest ad product innovations. Interested users may register to join the event here

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